Moisture Meter DM7-ALFeuchtemessger├Ąt DM7-AL

list price: 999 EUR (in Germany additional 16% tax)

not valid for all countries, additional packing and shipping, based on our Terms and Conditions of Trade.

veneers, single card boards, cardboard pipes, ...

  • non destructive - in seconds - just turn on and read off the moisture value
  • capacitive measuring principle
  • digital display 
  • automatic zero point correction
  • test and calibration measurements with optional test modul PE30-7
  • Robust housing part made of aluminium
  • fixed unchangable calibration curves for different materials are pre-programmed
  • Up to 10 different customer specific calibration curves can be stored


Technical Data:
measuring range :  0 - 100%, adjustable
resolution:               0,1%
measuring depth:     approx. 4 cm
damping:                   0 - 99%, adjustable
storage:                  100 measuring values
dimmension:         approx.180 x 80 x 35 mm
weight:                      approx. 250 g

interface:                  USB

software:               DOSOFT-03
battery:                     standard 9V block


request and order: info(at)doser(dot)de