Sensor LFLT20
Sensor LFLT20

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Standard sensor for measuring the climate values air humidity, air temperature and dew point.

The sensor needs to be connected to our universal moisture meter AD4A 


The measuring part is in the top of the sensors. This sensor part can be replaced, after the filter cap has to be removed.

The calibration parameters are stored in the AD4A, therefore for accurate measurement only the scheduled AD4A is allowed to be used.


Technical Data:

measuring range:     0 - 100% rel air humidity

                                    -40 - 100°C air temperature

accuracy:              as shown in the accuracy-graphic

90% adj. time:     approx. 5 Minutes (with filter cap)

dimmension:           approx. Ø7,5 x  200 mm

cable length:           approx. 1,5 m

weight:                     approx. 0,1 kg