Online Moisture measuring System

Inexpensive solution for automatich moisture controllingprinciple of online moisture measuring



  • with turning knob for adjustment of measurment settings, e.g. material selection, threshold values , measuring range, ...
  • teach function for quick caibration: out of on e or more reference measurments a complete calibration curve can be determinated
  • special algorithm for moisture determination average values,
     elimination of measurement errors through knotholes and cracks
  • alarm signal or analogue output signal
  • optional customer specific solutions

Capacitive Sensors (DKM 50x20)

  • sensors for contactless moisture measurements
  • average moisture measurement till 10 cm depth
  • with mounting plate, the sensor above is height adjustable
  • output 0-20mA or 0-5V
  • costomer specific solutions

Describe us the needed measurement, we like to work out a special qote!


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