PELAN (Peletsanalyser)

PELAN mit großem Messbehälter

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Measuring instrument for determination of moisture, specific gravity and temperature in Bulk goods as 
e.g. pellets, wooden chips, saw dust, feed, grain, ...
Densification through weight plate and integrated vibrator


PELAN with big measuring bukket, 
for feed, wooden chips, pellets, grain, ...
PELAN small neasuring bukketP´ELAN mit kleinem Messbehälter
for gravel, sand. saw dust, flour,  seed, ...
different weight plates for the big or small measuring bukket, PELAN Gewichtsplatten
can be used in combination with the included vibrator for densification of the dmeasuring goods
Test module for basic calibratiuon measurements with the capacitive amplifiersPELAN Testmodul