Moisture Meter PD1-ALFeuchtemessger├Ąt PD1-AL

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Robust reliable digital material moisture meter for paper and cardboard


  • capacitive measuring principle
  • digital display 
  • regular test measurements can be done with the optional test module PE30
  • material offset adjustment with turning knob
  • with stable aluminium case part, therefore very robust against mechanical emd electrostatical strength
  • low power consumption, as meter is on, only as long as the "ON"-button is pressed.

Technical Data:

measuring range:      0 - 20%

display range:          -199,9 til 199,9
resolution:                 0,1%
measuring depth:     approx. 3 cm
measuring rate:        3 measurements / sec
dimmension:               approx. 190 x 80 x 40 mm
weight:                       approx. 360 g
battery:                        sandard alkaline 9V block
request and order: info(at)doser(dot)de