Moisture Meter LM08

Feuchtemessger├Ąt LM08

list price: 419 EUR (in Germany additional 19% tax)

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Wood type and wood temperature can be adjusted.

The instrument LM08 works with the conductance measuring principle. Between the electrodes the conductivity is measured. A micro controller then determines the moisture content, taking in the set wood group and temperature into account.

The instrument will be delivered with sharp electrodes Ø2 x 20mm.


Technical Data:

measuring range: 5 - 40 % wood moisture
resolution: 0,1%
accuracy: ± 1% (resistance measuring
dimmension: approx.110 x 62 x 21 mm (without sensors)
weight: approx. 150 g
battery: standard alkaline 9V block battery


Optional electrodes:

SP30: Ø2 x 30 (standard electrodes)
SP50I: Ø2 x 50, isolated
SP200:  Ø3 x 200 250, e.g. for testing moisture in drilled holes
F6x200: flat electrodes 0,5 x 6 x 200 mm, made with spring steel
LM-TB: Testblock with test resistances for testing and calibration


Optional Testblock:
Testblock with test resistances for testing and calibration





operating instruction


request and order: info(at)doser(dot)de