Veneer Moisture Meter DS7UDS7-AL

list price: 1139 EUR (in Germany additional 16% tax)

not valid for all countries, additional packing and shipping, based on our Terms and Conditions of Trade.

non destructive - in seconds - simply place on the veneer and read off the moisture content 

  • capacitive measuring principle
  • optimised for Furniere
  • display of the adjusted wood type in different languages
  • calibrations for 30 different veneer types, card board pipes and corrugated boards implemented
  • own calibrations can be done easly with teaching function
  • automatic zero point correction
  • with aluminium case part for better protection against mechanical and electrostatic strength
  • test and calibration measurements with the optional test modul PE30-7


calibrations for the following veneer types are selectable: 

Mapple hard am, Aniegre, Birch europ, Bubinga, Beech europ, Doussie, Iroko, White Oak  am, Oak europ., Red Oak am, Alder europ., Ash europ., Ash burl am, Pine europ., Cherry europ., Cherry bl am, Larch europ., Sapelli, Walnut am, Walnut eu, Walnut burl eu, Satinwood, Teak, Wenge, Zebrano, Spurce europ., Pearw. wild eu, Poplar burl eu, Sycomore eu, Yew europ



Technical Data:

measuring range:    0 - 20%
resolution:              0,1%
measuring rate:        3 measurements per second
dimmesnion:          approx. 180 x 80 x 40 mm 
weight:                   approx. 420 g
battery:                    standard 9V Block



request and order: info(at)doser(dot)de