Moisture Meter DS5U for waste paper balls

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Moisture meter with digital display for measuring the absolute moisture content in waste paper balls, also usable for measuring moisture un wooden chips, pelletsm sawdust, ...

  • rod measuring sensor with sharp top
  • capacitive measuring principle
  • digital alpha numeric display
  • storage for 500 measurement values
  • automatic zero point correction 
  • calibrations for waste paper, pellets and wooden chips implemented
  • own calibrations can be done easly with teaching function
  • test and calibration measurements with optional test modul PE50R
To measure compressed waste paper, a hole must be drilled, then the sensor has to be pushed into the hole in order to measure the moisture content.
Based on comparing measurements with the oven drying method customer specific calibrations are possible.
Technical Data:
measuring range: 0 - 100%
resolution:             0,1%
measuring rate:    3 Messungen pro Sekunde
storage:                  250 Messwerte
dimmension:          approx.180 x 80 x 30 mm (display unit), Ø10 x 420 mm (measuring sensor)
weight:                    approx 430 g
interface:              USB
software:               DOSOFT


optional Extra: 

1 snake drill Ø12 x 400 mm, price: 38 EUR (in Germany additional 19% tax)


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