Moisture measuring system AD22-CMS22Foto AD22-CMS22

for wooden chips, wooden pellets, sawdust, ...  

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Display and controlling unit for different sensors

Technical Data:

measuring range:     0 - 100% (adjustable)

resolution:                 0,1%

measuring range:     1 - 10 measurements per second (adjustable)

storage:                      10 groups with each 100 measurement values

dimmension:             125 x 85 x 45 mm

weight:                        approx. 240 g

interface:                    USB

software:                    DOSOFT

batteries:                      mignon alkaline batteries (AA), 2 pieces



rod sensor for wooden chips, wood pellets, saw dust, grain and other granulates


Technical Data:

dimmension:                Ø22 x 200 mm (adjustable length through opnional extensions pipes)

measuring range:      approx. 10 cm around the Sensor

weight:                         approx. 250 g

measuring principle: capazitivAD22-CMS22-Set

output signal:              0 - 5 V


AD22-CMS22 Set:

  • display unit AD22 and CMS22 Sensor, inclusive 3 extension pipes Ø18 x 290mm
  • delivered in a stable plastic case
  • fixed unchangable calibration curves for different materials are programmed
  • additional up to 10 different customer specific calibration curves can be stored

Option: test module PE22 for regular calibration measurements


operating manual

request and order: info(at)doser(dot)de