Snow Moisture Meter Type 011

list price: 649 EUR (in Germany additional 19% tax)

not valid for all countries, additional packing and shipping, based on our Terms and Conditions of Trade.

quick reliable measuring instrument  - only lay it on the snow and read off the moistre content - an average moisture till a depth of approx. 3 cm will be measured.

For optimising the wax mixture for ski racers

Technical Data:

measuring range:  0 - 100%

resolution:              1%

weight:                     approx. 250 g

dimmension:          approx. 190 x 80 x 35 mm

interface:                  USB

software:                  DOSOFT

battery:                     standard alkaline 9V block battery


Optional: test module PE05 for regularely test measurements. 



operating manual

request or order: info(at)doser(dot)de