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The dew point switch DPS10 in connection with our sensor LFLT09, is a controller for fresh air ventilation.
Air humifity and air tempertature values will be stored automatically in an adjustable intervall.

Measuring ranges:
air humidity:              0 bis 100    % H2O
air temperature:     -40 bis 120     °C

The dew point value is determined from air humidity and air moisture values.

If the dew point exceeds the threshold value, a relais contact is switching. This also is signalised with a LED lamp.

The dewpoint swich needs the sensor LFLT09.

The dew point switch can be connected wioth a stadard PC through a serial interface.

The necessarry software DOSOFT-DPS can be downloaded for free.


Sensor LFLT09LFLT09

The sensor LFLT09 is a special solution for wall monting, so that the dewpoint of the air outside can be measured. The delivered pipe can be mounted with a mounting foam. From the inside the sensor can be put through the pipe. In needs to be pulled, so that the ring of the LFLT09 seals the pipe. At the inner side  a cap can be put on for avoiding dew water in the pipe.


accuracy (SHT75) :±0,7°C

Taupunkt Genmauigkleit


drawing for mounting:

Skizze LFLT09