Universal Moisture Meter AD4A-C

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Especially for mobile homes, trailers and caravans with shorter sensors for better measurements in tight areas. 

  • non-destructive, only lay on and read of the moisture value!
  • capacitive moisture measuring principle
  • quick analogue bargraph display ( 100 measurements per second)
    therefore good for detection of moisture differences
  • additional digital display
  • big display 
  • simple material selection with turning knob
  • automatic zero point correction
During measurements a material text is shown. For each meter material curves, sorted in groups, can be composed individually.
Fixed linearisation curves for a lot of common materials are already stored and can be selected.
USB interface: with the optional Windows based software AD4A-S measured values can be transferred and stored on the mass storage of the PC.
Technical Data:
measuring range:     0 - 100%, adjustable
resolution:                 0,1%
measuring depth:     approx. 4 cm
damping:                   0 - 99% adjustable
storage:                     1000 measuring values
dimmension:            approx. 160 x 80 x 40 mm
weight:                      approx. 250 g
interface:                  USB
software:                  DOSOFT
batteries:                   mignon alkaline batteries  (AA), 2 pieces
Optional: test modules PE05 and PE30 for regularely test and calibration measurements.
Optionale external sensors for 
are available. 
Also capable of  measuring moisture in woodbuilding materialspaper, cardboard, isolation materials and in glass fibre plastic boats 

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